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What is a tachograph?
Digital tachographs and video tachographs are devices fitted most commonly to commercial vehicles that record the distance and speed of the vehicle in question. The driver’s activity can also be recorded with the automatic selection of a drive mode, depending on whether or not the vehicle is in motion.Employers and their drivers are legally required to record driving activity accurately and keep on file records of past journeys. The tachographs we supply make this process painless thanks to the latest technology keeping everything in check and doing the hard work for the driver and employee. 

What is a tachometer?
Tachometers identify the optimal point at which to change into a higher or lower gear. They measure the total revolutions per minute (RPM) of the vehicle’s drive shaft and serve a very important purpose by alerting drivers when a gear change is required, thus increasing the longevity of parts.

Always up-to-date
We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the latest technology that continues to emerge in digital tacho products. For example, the all-new VDO 1381 201 digital tachograph head units are the latest to hit the marketplace and provide drivers with an estimated 45 minutes driving time per day.

Leading supplier of digital tachographs

 The leading supplier of high quality VDO tachographs, tachograph accessories, tachograph head units and more.


RIAYK LTD is a leading supplier of high quality VDO tachographs, tachograph accessories, tachographs head units and more, based in the UK.

Carrying an extensive range of digital tachographs and analogue tachographs for many different vehicles including HGVs, cars, vans and more, RIAYK LTD has established itself as the go-to supplier of digital tacho equipment in the UK.

We also carry and sell tachos for many different vehicle manufacturers including LDV, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and many others. So, for anything to do with tachographs, be it digital tachographs, video tachographs or any other form of digital tacho technology, Tacho Supplies should be your one-stop-shop for all your tachograph needs.


The importance of digital tacho technology
It is essential that working drivers comply with the rules and regulations that govern a driver’s working hours. Digital tachos and video tachographs make the process of recording activity ultra simple and reliable by enabling detailed records of past drives to be recalled quickly, should the transport authorities require them.

Retro fleet? No worries!
Our digital tacho supplies include retrofit kits, so if you’re in need of digital tachographs for an older fleet, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that meets your requirements.


With a combined experience of 30 years in the trade, our team has a very specific goal, which is to become the largest web-based supplier of digital and analogue tachograph systems, supplying to both UK and global businesses. That’s why we have an unrivalled level of stock and can supply everything from the most basic of tacho devices to the more advance video tachographs.

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The all new VDO 1381 2.2 and 3 Digital Tachograph heads are the latest technology in the market place for the customer and technology too give the driver an estimated 45 minuets driving time per day.